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Keep the grape safe with this ingenious wine lock
Worried about somebody stealing a crafty swig of your favourite Burgundy? Purloining a nip of your precious plonk? Well worry no longer, because with the Wine Lock the bottle's contents are kept safe just for you.
Gone are the days when you had to use a magic marker pen to calculate how much of the wine had gone missing, or stick a 'Hands Off' post-it to the bottle neck, because today you can use this elegantly designed and completely secure device.
Simply pop the padlock style, four digit Wine Lock into the neck of the bottle, scramble the combination, and your wine is as safe as the crown jewels. But make sure you remember your code because if you don't then the only way to open the bottle is to smash it, and that's a scenario in which nobody wins.
Unless of course you're of a particularly mischievous disposition in which case you could always have fun locking up somebody else's vintage tipple.